Slender green orb weaver (Araneus talipedatus)

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This widespread species is found across most of Australia, they construct small orb webs in eucalyptus foliage where their green and red colouration helps them camouflage.

This species is relatively small and grows to about 11mm in length, the red patterns on the abdomen are variable and may be absent or additional white patterns may be present too.

Housing: This species can be housed in a relative small space as they build tiny webs. We recommend supplying this species with a large fake plant in the enclosure to help them construct an orb web, crickets or similar should be dropped onto the centre of the web when the spider is in it.

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1 review for Slender green orb weaver (Araneus talipedatus)

  1. Saul Aldridge (verified owner)

    Beautiful little weaver arrived healthy and happy considering Auspost ignoring that arrows and “this way up” written everywhere.
    Established a corner to corner Web overnight and has eaten twice in 3 days, very happy!
    Can’t wait for my next order to arrive 🙂
    Thanks Bug Frenzy

    Image #1 from Saul Aldridge

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