Strobe ant mimic jumping spider (Myrmarachne bicolor) female

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Myrmarachne (latin: “ant spider”) are ant-mimicking jumping spiders found across Eastern australia but particularly common in the north.

This species mimics the extremely fast and eratic black-and-orange ant Opisthopsis haddoni (Strobe ant). The jumper not only physically look similar to strobe ants but also behave in a similar fashion and wave their front legs around to mimic antennae. It is believed these spiders also mimic ants chemically, making the ants believe the spider is one of them.

Diet: Tiny crickets.

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1 review for Strobe ant mimic jumping spider (Myrmarachne bicolor) female

  1. kristie g. (verified owner)

    She is so tiny!! But so interesting to watch!

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