Two-toned ground spider (Gnaphosidae sp. 3)

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Pretty ground spider!

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This species of Gnaphosid is found in SA’s northern mallee in Triodia sandplain habitat, where it can be found in the fallen bark and leaf-litter under Eucalyptus gracilis trees.

They are small, presumably growing to about 10mm in body length.

It is similar to Ceryerda spp and probably is Ceryerda, or closely related.

Size: 5-6mm* Juvenile.

Optional Kit includes:

  • Jumperarium 2.0 enclosure
  • Red sand collected from the locale of this species
  • Sphagnum moss with mini moss-bowl
  • leaf-litter
  • fake plant to climb on and hang on to while moulting

*approximate size
** Picture of Jumperarium is for display only, contents may vary

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