Two-toned wolf spider (Hoggicosa forresti) CB juveniles

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Hoggicosa forresti is an extremely large wolf spider widespread but uncommon throughout arid central Australia. These spiders reach 90mm in leg span and 32mm in body length and live in burrows that are closed with a large pebble during the day, making the burrows very difficult to find.

Currently eating x-small crickets


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7 reviews for Two-toned wolf spider (Hoggicosa forresti) CB juveniles

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing delivery & condition as always!

  2. colin Norberry (verified owner)

  3. Joseph Ward (verified owner)

    Even though one of my hoggicosa died bug frenzy was willing to refund it.:)

  4. daniel a. (verified owner)

  5. Nathan Gili (verified owner)

  6. Megan Helwig (verified owner)

    He/She came super quick and well fed (very plump). He/She was also super lively and had a great time exploring its new enclosure and even moulted a couple of days after they arrived.

    He/She is super small though compared to the last juvenile I received but this is not a big problem.

    Overall, super excited that he/she arrived happy and healthy and can’t wait to watch them grow 🙂

  7. Kaspa Snoad (verified owner)

    Very fast and active little sling, taking down baby crickets without hesitation. I am looking forward to seeing it grow.

    Image #1 from Kaspa Snoad

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