Violet-winged stick insect (Didymuria violescens) nymphs

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This is a medium-sized, fast breeding species found in Eastern Australia.

Adult females are robust, light green and shaped like Eucalyptus leaves. They have short wings with green wing cases. The insides of the wings fold out when threatened to startle predators and are bright salmon-pink.

Males are very thin, and have large spines on the back legs. The wings are long and deep purple in colour. They are capable of flight.

Care: Daily misting is required in a well ventilated enclosure such as a mesh or mesh-lidded tank.

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6 reviews for Violet-winged stick insect (Didymuria violescens) nymphs

  1. Caroline K. (verified owner)

  2. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Ordered two little bugs and they arrived quicker than the enclosure I bought a week before hopefully they are happy in their new home just in time for Christmas!

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    Image #1 from Rebecca
  3. Sarah M. (verified owner)

    They arrived sooner than expected and were in good health (one had moulted on the way). They’re adorable little speedy things.

  4. Georja (verified owner)

    My favourite insects so far, they were both alive and happy and are now enjoying their new enclosure with a few other nymphs

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    Image #1 from Georja
  5. Alison O. (verified owner)

    Reply quickly to messages. Fast delivery.

  6. Claire Williams (verified owner)

    see email

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