Western Black Mirror Peacock Spider (Maratus speculifer)

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Black mirror peacocks – Mysterious, just like the TV show!

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These shiny black peacock spiders are found on there beaches of south-west WA. Females are white with speckles to blend in with the sand. They are closely related to our undescribed SA species, but differ in leg colour among other things.

The abdomen of these spiders are completely black with few hairs. The cephalothorax is dark brown often with small stripes.

Care Instructions:

These jumpers require fine beach sand or very fine crushed shells to enable them to make their sleeping sacks in the sand.  Keep the sand dry.

Optional Sand Kit includes:

  • White Sand Substrate
  • Fake Plants
  • bark hide
  • Shell-o-bowl with scoria
  • Mini Bug Box with Half Door

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2 reviews for Western Black Mirror Peacock Spider (Maratus speculifer)

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    Loveeee so much! She arrived safely and well! The enclosure kit is also super cute!

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