Western Rainbow Centipede (Cormocephalus hartmeyeri)


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This species of centipede is found in South-west WA and is very rare in the hobby, this is a first-time introduction to the hobby for this species. They are medium-sized centipedes found in mesic Eucalyptus forests, The body is a deep purple with many ridges (carinae) along the segments (tergites) which gives them an iridescence indescribable unless seen in person. The head plate is light red and the legs are two-toned blue. The base of each leg is sea-green why the rest is a beautiful deep electric blue. Antennae are bluish, and the terminal legs are greenish brown. Easy to care for, they are found on fairly sand soil on the Perth coastal plain so Coco-peat and sand mixed about 70 peat – 40 sand will do. We like to add a fair amount of coarse sand and clay to our mix, too. Keep moist. This species has an interesting temperament. Overall usually calm and placid, however if annoyed enough will become hellspawn, although mainly fast and not really bitey.

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