White-Haired Peacock jumping spider (Maratus Albus) Female

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White-haired little plump female peacock spiders

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Maratus Albus is an average-sized species of peacock spider found along Australia’s southern coastline from Western Australian (eastern parts) to Victoria, mostly in South Australia near Adelaide and nearby offshore islands.  Females are 5.5 mm and males 4-5mm.  The males have a distinctive copper coloured head and are mostly white.  Females are light brown colour with different markings (see photos).

Males of this coastal species extend their long legs but do not elevate their fan during courtship display. They are easy to handle as they seem quite tame.

They are mildly venomous but with tiny fangs and thus pose no harm to humans.  They have been found to make a sack of silk, and roll themselves as well as the silk sack in the sand, completely disappearing!  So don’t be alarmed if you cannot find your jumping spider straight away.

Care Instructions:

These jumpers require fine beach sand or very fine crushed shells to enable them to make their sleeping sacks in the sand.  Keep the sand dry. 

We recommend the Mini Bug Box – used in the “sideways” position (see pics) as these jumpers prefer staying close to the ground.

Please note: All jumping spiders are sold as adults and thus we cannot establish their true age.

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5 reviews for White-Haired Peacock jumping spider (Maratus Albus) Female

  1. kylie (verified owner)


  2. Ellie Blackett (verified owner)

    Beautiful species, very inquisitive!

  3. Kate A. (verified owner)

    Amazing service and super friendly

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My jumping spider arrived healthy and happy with absolute personality, she’s already becoming used to me and is a sook for attention, it’s the cutest thing and couldn’t be happier 🥰

  5. Megan (verified owner)

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