Blue-Tailed DesertCentipede (Scolopendra morsitans Laverton WA locale) Sub-adults

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Scolopendra morsitans is found throughout Australia and comes in hundreds of colour forms depending on Locality. This form is from Laverton in WA’s mid western region. Juveniles of this form have extremely vibrant blue on the 20th pair of legs and the terminal legs. Juveniles also have a red head rather than tangerine orange like the adult in the picture. Sub-adults retain the darker orange tergites (body segments) and red head but the terminals are tinted green. They still have the yellowish orange legs however. This form should be kept with a dry and moist side of the enclosure. Our individuals are already quite “tame” to light and shouldn’t really bury or hide most of the time as they are used to it. S. morsitans is Australia’s 2nd largest centipede and grows up to 20cm. This is a large form growing to 16-17cm in length (Head to end of terminal legs). Centipedes continue growing after maturity unlike nearly all spider, all insects and all scorpions. Sub-adults range from 10-13cm.


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