Why do you have a countdown timer on the website showing an order deadline?

Our order cutoff time is every Saturday at 5pm (Adelaide local time) for shipping the following Monday and Tuesday.  We have this deadline in place to give us enough time to prepare our invertebrates for their upcoming postal journey.

We give them an overall health check, making sure that they are not about to molt or have molted recently and have been fed and hydrated prior to the journey.  We then prepare their transportation containers – or comfy cups if they are mantids/jumping spiders/huntsman – and give them ample time to explore their new temporary home prior to shipping. If you ordered a kit we make sure the last finishing touches are being added and everything gets quality checked before being sent out.

We need to have this cutoff time implemented to give us enough time to prepare your invertebrate for his journey to ensure he has the best care prior to being sent out.


When will you be getting peacock spiders back in stock?

Peacock spiders are seasonal, at only certain times of the year will the adult males of any given species be present. For most species, they are in season from early winter to mid spring. Females and juveniles may be available in summer and autumn.


What would we recommend for a first pet spider?

Most spiders are not difficult to keep. Some are easy to keep but not good for t to due various reason such as prey requirements, size, temperament, venom toxicity etc. If you can bring yourself to be near them. Huntsmans are very hardy, mildly venomous, passive and put on a good show during feeding time. Mesh enclosures are ideal for these. Trapdoor spiders are also hardy but can be defensive and inactive for long periods of time. This being said, they can live to be over 40 years old and a sling may take 10 years to mature. Wolf spiders are very diverse in Australia and display a wide range of behaviours. Generally, any wolf spiders from mesic or high-rainfall regions are easy to keep, regardless of weather they are fossorial (burrowing) or vagrant hunters. Arid wolf spiders can be tricky


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