Ant-i-Slip- PTFE Liquid Escape Prevention


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Ant-i-Slip PTFE liquid has been specifically designed with your ant colonies in mind!

Also known as Fluon, simply brush the liquid around the top sides of your out world to stop those unwanted escapees and make feeding time much easier! Each bottle comes with a brush lid for easy application.

Ant-i-Slip drys in seconds, leaving a milky white residue that your ants cannot grip to. As soon as they reach the barrier, they will slip right back down, allowing you to carry on with their care instead of chase them around your room…

Ant-i-Slip is non-toxic and safe for your ants and other insects.

You will only need a small amount at a time to create an effective barrier. We recommend applying a 2cm strip around the top of your enclosure and allow to dry. Remove and re apply every 3-6 months or whenever you notice reduced effectiveness.

Store in a cool, dark place and ensure lid is fitted tightly to prevent drying out.


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