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Ant Park Starter Kit


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Ant Park – All in One – Starter Kit

In this kit you’ll find everything you need to start your very own Ant Colony

Your Ant Nest

Your ant nest is what we call a formicarium. Built out of acrylic, your formicarium can be opened up to clean when you are between colonies. You’ll be able to watch your ants inside the nest, taking care of their eggs and feeding each other.

Your Ant Food

The kit contains all the food you need to get started. Our foods have been tested to give your ants the maximum amount of nutrition. Ants need carbohydrates like sugar for everyday life, and their queen and babies need proteins to grow. You can also add little insects from time to time if you want to, but make sure you clean up any left overs regularly so they don’t go bad.

Your Ants

You can now go hunting for your own ant colonies or queens. If you do find some queens to catch, you can put them in the test tubes included and watch them lay eggs and grow their brood. If you cant find any queens, don’t worry, there’s plenty around, so keep looking. If you don’t want to wait for a queen to make a colony, you can find a bunch of ants with eggs and scoop them into the nest.

Starter Kit Includes:

– 1x Ant Formicarium with hydration station and ventilated outworld

– 1x Ant Park Strawberry Sunrise Ant Nectar – 100mL

– 1x Ant Park All-in-One Ant Food – 50g

– 2x Queen Ant Rearing Tubes

– 1x Watering Pipette

Instructions for Formicarium setup.

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