Black Flat Jumping Spider (Holoplatys sp 5 ) with kit!

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Kit Included!

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These flat jumpers are found around Adelaide underneath eucalyptus bark.

These spiders prefer to walk than jump and possess the ability to walk directly sideways rather fast. They can squeeze through very tiny spaces, so we do not recommend our acrylic custom enclosures as housing, but rather the mini Clearview enclosures.  For this reason we are including our mini Clearview enclosure with kit.

Holoplatys are well suited to captivity.

Mini Clearview Kit includes:

  • Mini Clearview Enclosure
  • Coco-peat substrate
  • Piece of eucalyptus bark
  • 1 fake plant
  • Scoria for BYO water bowl

*Picture does not show absolute content*
* Sold as unsexed sub-adults/adults




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