Black Mirror Peacock spider (Undescribed Maratus sp.) female

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These awesome and new to science peacock spiders are found in SA’s mid north, where they are found in coastal salt flats bordered by shell grit plains. We have talked to arachnologist Joseph Schubert (who has described 13 species of peacock spiders) who says these are undescribed, we will be sending him some specimens to get them described soon.

These are medium sized peacock spiders (4mm) with a clever defence against capture – They let out a silk line which uses Earth’s gravitational field and the wind to propel themselves into the air. Some spider slings can travel across entire oceans using this method.

The abdomen of these spiders are completely black with few hairs. The cephalothorax is dark brown often with small stripes.

Care Instructions:

These jumpers require fine beach sand or very fine crushed shells to enable them to make their sleeping sacks in the sand.  Keep the sand dry. We recommend our Sand Kit:

Optional Sand Kit includes:

  • White Sand Substrate
  • Fake Plant
  • Mini Clearview Enclosure

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1 review for Black Mirror Peacock spider (Undescribed Maratus sp.) female

  1. Ashley F. (verified owner)

    Arrived happy and healthy very quickly.

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