Charcoal Assassin Bug (Reduviidae sp. )


Colourful Sniper on the prowl!

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This species of assassin bug is found under the bark of trees and on the foliage in SA’s northern mallee.

They are a medium sized species, growing to about 15mm in length.

They are a combination of black and a multitude of warm, fiery colours. However on the abdomen, there are a few blue spots that stand out when viewed up close.

Assassin bugs are true bugs (Hemiptera) which means they have a hollow, tube-like proboscis instead of jaws, like the usually similar beetles (Coleoptera).

They are stealth predators (unlike most bugs, which are sap feeders on plants) that stalk their prey until they are close enough to impale with the proboscis and release a digestive enzyme to liquify the preys inside.

Assassin bugs are timid but have painful bites.

Feed a few small crickets or a larger dead cricket 2 – 3 times a week. Remove uneaten prey or leftovers after 24 hours.

Current size about 7-9mm
Large nymphs

Optional Kit includes:

  • Jumperarium 2.0 enclosure
  • Red sand collected from the locale of this species
  • Sphagnum moss with mini moss-bowl
  • leaf-litter
  • fake plant to climb on and hang on to while moulting
  • Round piece of wood for resting

** Picture of Jumperarium is for display only, contents may vary

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