Common shining Roach (Drymaplaneta communis)



This is a native cockroach found from about Brisbane down the coast to about Perth. They are found in leaf litter, under logs and underneath tree bark. They will feed on cockroach food and will eat fruit and vegetables like cut carrot, grape, pumpkin or apple. If the cockroach food is kept dry and fresh and the fruit/vegetable kept fresh they are very hardy.

This species is black, wingless, and has a red head and legs and 2 white stripes on the back. they grow to 25-30 mm in length. There are only 4 species of cockroach in Australia that infest houses, and none are native to Australia. these few cockroaches have given the group as a whole a bad name. Cockroaches are very clean, very hardy and make good pets. Before sending, we gently wash our cockroaches with warm water, as in the wild they can be quite stinky but if kept clean in captivity, shouldn’t smell. If pestered, this species will release an odour highly reminiscent of that of a stink bug but not quite as strong.

Cockroach food is a specially formulated dry food made by Bug Frenzy to be a complete and balanced diet for almost all native cockroach species, use alongside fresh fruit, vegetables or leafy greens or use water crystals for hydration

Optional kit includes:

  • Centinel² enclosure with pre-drilled holes and mesh cut-outs
  • 80g container of cockroach food, use in small quantities. a pinch should last around 2-3 days before being fully consumed by the cockroach.
  • Bark hide
  • Our new “Chunky organic substrate”, a careful blend of various decomposing organic ingredients that provides a moisture retaining substrate that doubles as a bit of food for the cockroaches and other things such as millipedes and isopods.
  • 2 unsexed cockroaches

*When not in a kit, cockroaches are purchased individually.*

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