Cyclops Assassin Bug (Harpactorini)


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Assassin bugs are members of the family Reduviidae, named for the slow and careful way they move while stalking prey which they impale with their long rostrum/proboscis. They then inject toxic saliva to liquefy the insides and then suck it out like a milkshake. This species is found in SA and it’s relatives can be found in other states. In the day they hide under Eucalyptus bark and emerge at night to hunt. Assassin bugs are not hard to keep, slightly moist substrate, a bark hide and live crickets about 1/4th the size twice a week or slightly larger euthanised ones can be place upon a flat rock in the enclosure. Assassin bugs are timid but will give a painful bite if mishandled as they inject their saliva.

This species grows to 18mm in length and are pitch black with a large central red spot. This reminded us of the single eye of a cyclops or the single red visor of a brute Stalker in the video game Halo 3. They have 4 small red spots and 2 white spots on the abdomen on either side of the wings. Sold as juvenile.

Optional Deluxe Kit includes:

  • Mini Bug Box – sideways layout
  • Coco-peat substrate
  • Bark Hide
  • Fake Plants
  • Scoria Water Bowl

*Pls note pic of kit does not show correct contents


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