Australian Amblypygid/ Whip spiders (Charinus pescotti)

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Strangely cute lightning bolts!


Amblypygids (Tailless whip spiders) are an ancient order of arachnids found in most parts of the world, in the tropics and subtropics. In other parts of the world, amblypygids can reach 45cm, but here in Australia, this species reaches 13mm in body length.

They are arachnids, and while they appear to have 6 legs and antennae, they actually have 4 legs and no antennae , with the 4th pair modified into extremely long feeling appendages, which can be used to both feel the surroundings and also herd prey into the amblypygids’ spiny embrace. These amblypygids are found in the rainforests of FNQ.

These animals have spiny, clubbed appendages in front of the head called pedipalps. In this species they’re quite small and they are used to crush and pulverise prey into a more digestable pulp.

Amblypygids posses neither bad attitudes nor venom and are completely harmless.

These animals require moist coco peat and some sort of timber to dwell on – firewood pieces work well for this as does pieces of driftwood. Ensure that the timber can not fall and crush them. They can be housed communally with no problems, except gravid females which may become aggressive. They will need pinhead crickets.

Note: these tailless whip spiders are EXTREMELY fast. Please be careful when opening the enclosure or handling them, you may  accidentally injure or crush your Amblypygid.

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5 reviews for Australian Amblypygid/ Whip spiders (Charinus pescotti)

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fantastic insects they are a once in a life time experience. You’ve never cept invertebrates untill You’ve cept these fascinating creatures. And the postage was nice a quick and costumer service was top quality. Thanks Bug Frenzy!!!

  2. Robyn F. (verified owner)

    Been after one for so long, very happy with the help and Info I was giving to provide for this wee cutie

    Image #1 from Robyn F.
  3. Jane Clark (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful little guy! Came really well packaged and secure.

  4. Dominique (verified owner)

    Really good health, ate the next day and is nice and plump now so exciting been wanting one of these guys of ages! Ended up getting another 2 for a different enclosure 😊
    (Try find it in its enclosure!)

    Image #1 from Dominique
    Image #2 from Dominique
  5. Janis (verified owner)

    These guys are just the cutest. I can’t wait to watch them once they’re all settled in.

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