Diamondback Sand Mantis (Cliomantis sp. 1)

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This species of Ground Mantis (Amorphoscelidae) is found in the Roxby Downs region of SA on the sand and Tussock grasses. The body of adult females is wingless and has a marmorated grey pattern while the legs are reddish and therefore blend into the red sand, this makes the body appear like a dry piece of grass or twig. Adult males are smaller and thinner and possess small, dark wings that cover about 1/4th-1/3rd of the abdomen. We recommend mostly dry red desert sand as substrate with some fairly moist sphagnum moss as a clump (up to lid height if using an enclosure about 10×10) as a source of water and a spot to perch. These mantises grow to about 18mm in length.

*sold as unsexed juveniles/adults*


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