Eastern Slender Stick-insect (Candovia peridromes)

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This Small, Slender species of stick insect comes in green and brown morphs and grows to about 80mm long. They are found from Northern NSW down the east coast and into SA, where they inhabitant mallee habitat behind sand dunes or beaches. This species feeds on various species of Eucalyptus and can be housed with Eucalyptus feeding beetles, caterpillars, katydids, grasshoppers and other stick insects.

Eucalyptus branches should be put in a container or vase with water to keep it fresher for longer.

Mist spray once or twice a day.

Replace leaves when dry or eaten.

When first receiving your stick insects, you should offer a few species of eucalyptus to see which species they like.


Optional Kit includes:

Pop-Up mesh enclosure (30×30)

1 Juvenile stick insect

Misting bottle


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