Eastern Tree-running mantis (Ciulfina biseraiata)


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This small mantis species can be found in open woodland along in North-eastern Australia, sitting on the bark of trees. The mantises are well camouflaged and very fast and are quick to run away when disturbed. Ciulfina has many species found throughout Northern Australia. Care for these mantises is simple, they can be setup with or without bark, however the important part is ventilation. We recommend a small mesh enclosure for this. If adding bark to the enclosure ensure it will not fall and kill the mantis. As these mantises are fast and skittish we do not recommend handling them.

Note: there was a small mix-up with stock labelling, so it is possible you may receive a related species, Ciulfina rentzi. C. rentzi is identical in nearly every aspect to C. biseriata however is typically found in rainforests.

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