Giant Banded Huntsman (Holconia immanis) Large juveniles-adult

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One of Australia’s largest Huntsman Spiders!

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Holconia immanis is a large, widespread species of huntsman found from eastern Victoria north to Cape York, FNQ and possibly southern New Guinea. Holconia is a medium sized genus, containing around 10 species, all large with most having a banded appearance. H. immanis is the most common and widespread, and rather distinctive compared to most other Holconia which have more complex patterns and generally found in drier regions than the mesic, coastal H.immanis.

These huntsmans grow to 45mm in body length and 170mm in legspan.

Huntsman care is very easy, simply a pop-up mesh enclosure, mist sprayed once a day and fed once a week.

Optional kit includes:

  • A pop-up mesh enclosure (30×30)
  • A spray bottle

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