Giant Tiger Wolf Spider (Hoggicosa castanea)

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This species, like all 10 species of Hoggicosa are the largest wolf spiders in Australia.

This species is most prevalent in coastal parts of SA and WA but is present in NSW and VIC as well. These spiders are found in large, lidded burrows in clay soils and at night will wait at the entrance of the burrow for passing insects.

The name stems from the orange and black stripes on the abdomen and also what can be taken as a tiger’s face on the upper surface of the abdomen.

These spiders are massive, body length about 35mm with a leg span of about 80-90mm. Large jars make good homes with clay-based substrate filled and compacted to 3/4 of the containers height and then a starter burrow poked into the substrate (on the side is best) with the back end of a large marker. This spider would need an enclosure at least 20cm deep and and 20cm diameter of roaming space. These wolf spiders appreciate ventilation, and may take weeks to settle into a burrow and construct a door.

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3 reviews for Giant Tiger Wolf Spider (Hoggicosa castanea)

  1. Nelson (verified owner)

    Everyone arrived alive and well. Thanks again Bugfrenzy!

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  2. Helen W. (verified owner)

    Beautiful spider arrived quickly and packaged well.

  3. Robyn (verified owner)

    Wow little thing was very much healthy and fast when I received her! So cute and sweet

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