Golden Tail Sugar Ant Queen with workers and brood – Camponotus Aeneopilosus


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Founding Type: Claustral

Dimensions: Medium-sized. Queens measure around 15mm, while workers are approximately 7mm.

Nutrition: No need for feeding until the workers show up. Offer a mix of small protein and sugars.

Housing: Start with a test tube setup until the colony reaches 15-20 workers. Then, transfer them to a nest and outworld.

These sugar ants are of a decent size, and the workers have this cool golden thing going on in their gasters. They’re pretty chill and not too demanding to take care of, though be aware they’re big enough to give you a nip!

This species has both minor and major workers and tends to do their foraging during the day, making them a pretty interesting bunch to have as a colony.

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