Green and Gold Darkling Beetle (Tribe Adeliini)

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Awesome Aussie beetles!

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These true-blue Aussie beetles of the family Tenbrionidae are found under rocks in considerable numbers in Adelaide bushland. In the wild they feed on detritus but we have prepared a complete dry food for them. Darkling beetle food is a fine-grained, plant based, high fibre (and low in protein) food specifically designed to provide darkling beetles with everything they need in their diet. Use only a pinch at a time and offer in a clean, dry dish.

These beetles are safe to handle but will release a mild defensive odour when pestered, handle gently and never grab them with your hand forcefully. They need a source of water aswell, fresh fruit and vegetables can be provided or water crystals can be used. In this species the elytra (wing covers) are bronze-gold and the head and thorax are a greenish colour. they grow up to 20mm in length.

Optional kit includes:

  • Mini Bug Box (20cm x 12cm x 12cm)
  • 90g container of darkling beetle food
  • Our new “Chunky organic substrate” a careful blend of decomposing, natural ingredients that provides a soft, moisture absorbent substrate and doubles as extra food for your beetles, roaches, isopods, earwigs, millipedes etc.
  • 2 unsexed beetles

*Please note when ordering only beetles, they are sold individually*
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