Grey Rock Scorpion (Urodacus planimanus)

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This very rare scorpion (in the hobby) is found exclusively in the hills around Perth, WA. They live underneath rocks and are quite similar in most respects to Urodacus manicatus however they are much larger when mature, with males reaching double the size of U. manicatus. This species is very calm and easy to handle, with weak venom. They are also easy to care for, adults should be given a large enclosure with fairly deep substrate and rock hides but juveniles can be maintained and raised in a small container with substrate (coco-peat) and optionally a bark hide. Older juveniles have a beautiful matte grey-green appearance which is difficult to reproduce in photographs. Adult females are similar in appearance to Urodacus novaehollandiae, with similar proportions to them but they are lighter in colour and matte instead of glossy.

*sold as juveniles*

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5 reviews for Grey Rock Scorpion (Urodacus planimanus)

  1. Jason Melide (verified owner)

    Bit of a wild card. But a great fitment to the current invert family.

  2. maddison.hardie (verified owner)

    Arrived super chill. A paintbrush and they strode on out onto my hand. I’m absolutely smitten with this little one.

  3. Maddison Hardie (verified owner)

    Beautiful critter that came perfectly packaged. There was no drama unpacking. No stressed scorpion.

  4. Jennifer Eaton (verified owner)

    Absolutely adore my little Baby! Super calm, even a little cowardly, and likes to wander about the cage. Love it!

  5. Lionel White (verified owner)

    Excellent juvenile. Due to it small stature (young age) even the girls say it’s ‘cute’. Behaves exactly as described.

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