Half-banded centipede (Scolopendra morsitans half-banded NT form)


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This spectacularly pattered centipede from rocky areas in the top end features bright cyan legs (more apparent in younger individuals), an orange head and ‘neck’, the upper half of the main body features yellow and black bands typical of S. morsitans however what makes this centipede unique Is the sudden change from banded into solid red-brown colouration towards the rear, this is not seen in any other known centipede.

Please be aware, these centipedes are difficult to keep long term and are susceptible to desiccation if too dry or fungal infections if too moist, the best strategy is to keep one corner of the otherwise dry enclosure moist, with a bottle cap filled with water to drink from.

sold as unsexed juveniles with brighter colours than the adult in the image. grows to 150mm

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