Honey wolf spider (Hoggicosa brenanni)

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Honey coloured wolf spiders

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The Honey wolf spider is a species of wolf spider found in SA’s far northern mallee and other dry, sandy area of SA where it builds a short, lidded burrow in red sand. At night they sit at the entrance of the burrow and ambush passing prey such as smaller spiders, ants and beetles.

Hoggicosa brennani is a large species, with mature females growing to 25mm in body length with very long legs. this species is very fast and jumps a lot.

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2 reviews for Honey wolf spider (Hoggicosa brenanni)

  1. frumpycat (verified owner)

    Very active wolf spider! Mine likes to run around and climb to try find a way out 😛 But it’s healthy and eats fine

  2. Tracey (verified owner)

    Beautifully packaged so arrived in perfect health.

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