Princess Jumping spider (Opisthoncus nigrofemoratus) Female

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A jumping spider that is medium sized with awesome eyelashes!

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Opisthoncus is a genus of jumping spiders found across Australia, and commonly found on plants.

  • This species is found in and around Adelaide and grows to 9mm in body length.
  • Most Opisthoncus have a distinctive head pattern, but this one has awesome eyebrows and lashes!
  • This species abdomen is more yellowish and less patterned than species 1.
  • These girls are very friendly, easy to handle and very calm.  Great for beginners!

We recommend the Mini Bug Box with Half door or The Cube with “jumper” kit selected.

Please note: Adult female jumpers run a risk of being mated before captivity, which could lead to producing offspring at a later stage.  If you are not comfortable with raising babies, we will happily take any offspring off your hands.

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8 reviews for Princess Jumping spider (Opisthoncus nigrofemoratus) Female

  1. Suzie L. (verified owner)

    Thank you Bug Frenzy team for the diligent way of wrapping everything for delivery and most importantly the safety of little “Princess”. I highly recommend anyone wanting a jumping spider (or anything else) from this business, as they are great to deal with and, are helpful should you have any queries. I have found (as an adult) fascinating to watch my little “friend”, and these are an inexpensive pet to keep after the initial small outlay. The would help teach children responsibility, as well as an appreciation regarding the food chain/web of life, nature as well as life cycles. I wish Bug Frenzy had existed when my children were children!
    Jumping spiders aren’t scary like other larger spiders can be to some, as they are fairly small; they have loads of character; and, besides tiny crickets, they can eat flies & mosquitoes – bonus!!
    Thank you Bug Frenzy!

  2. Maya K. (verified owner)

    Arrived safely and very well packed, my little gal Alice is now settling in for winter hibernation safe and sound.

    Image #1 from Maya K.
  3. Harmony (verified owner)

  4. kylah (verified owner)

    So happy with what recieved spider is in great condition and the box was packages safely. Absolutely love my spider!

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    2 gorgeous girls and 1 gorgeous guy. All healthy and active.

  6. Saul Aldridge (verified owner)

    Cute little jumper with some crazy fast nest building skills!
    The male I purchased at the same time is exactly the same, web everywhere in no time and I mean properly structured nests!
    But both are very calm and inquisitive jumpers and not worried about being calmly handled 🙂
    Thanks Bug Frenzy!

    Image #1 from Saul Aldridge
  7. Jean A. (verified owner)

    Leia is settling in nicely, absolutely gorgeous little girl. 10/10 highly recommend

    Image #1 from Jean A.
  8. Gabrielle H. (verified owner)

    She’s gorgeous and super active she’s doing super well and loving her new enclosure and she’s a great eater!

    Image #1 from Gabrielle H.

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