Karaops sp. 1 (World’s fastest spider)

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Fastest spiders in the world!

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Karaops are huntsman-like spiders in the family Selenopidae, which are the worlds fastest spiders. These spiders can do a full 360° turn of there bodies 8 times in a second! That’s 3 times in the blink of an eye. These spider have laterigrade legs, meaning the legs are rotated and aligned to be able to sit flat. These spiders can also move in basically every direction except directly back. in the wild they live on rock faces and outcrops or under the bark of trees.

These spiders are incredibly flat and can fit behind basically anything!

Housing is simple, a medium-smallish sized enclosure with a hydration gradient, one side of the enclosure having plenty of ventilation and dry substrate and one end of the enclosure having only a bit of ventilation a fairly moist substrate. provide bark as hides.

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