Orange-legged swift spider (Nyssus coloripes) SA mallee form.

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Extremely fast and pretty spiders!



Nyssus coloripes is a member of the Corrinidae family.

They are extremely, (extremely!) fast and can climb smooth surfaces. Their speed surpasses that of even a a Wandering ghost spider or a huntsman spider.

They have beautiful orange legs (mainly leg I and leg II) , a black body colour with white spots/blotches. Mallee forms differ from regular forest forms by being slightly larger on average, less orange front legs and more yellow spots.

In the wild these spiders live in leaf-litter and under or in hollow logs. Catching them in the wild is very difficult due to their tendency to hide in leaf litter and they run at absolutely blazing speed!

Be careful when opening the enclosure to feed them! We recommend feeding them large pinhead crickets or XS crickets twice a week.


Optional kit includes:

  • Jumperarium 2.0 enclosure
  • red sand collected from the locale of this species
  • fake plants for climbing
  • moss bowl with sphagnum moss
  • a small amount of leaf-litter to provide hiding spaces on the floor

Please note that images of the Jumperarium may not show actual decorative content.





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