Mystery wishbone Spider (Stanwellia sp. “?”)

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She’s a mystery girl…🎵

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Stanwellia sp. “?” (Yes, ? is part of the name) is an odd one. We received these adult/large juvenile females labelled as “Stanwellia hoggi”, a species from northern NSW. However, these Stanwellia seem closer to Stanwellia grisea, a species from Melbourne. Either way they are certainly not “Stanwellia hoggi”.

Stanwellia are genus of Pycnothelid spiders found in south eastern Australia, from northern NSW to western SA. They build burrows in clay soil often with a rim of dirt cemented by thick white silk around the burrow, they also generally have an offshoot of the main burrow loosely covered with soil at the end to use when a marauder such as a centipede or spade enters the burrow.

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  • Spy-cylinder with clay based substrate

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