Native Black grassland roach (Platyzosteria sp.)

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This is a native cockroach found in bushland and grassland in SA. Cockroaches comprise about 3,000 described species and less than 20 of them are capable of infesting houses, just a few of them have given the group as a whole a bad reputation. These cockroaches feed on decaying plant matter, dead insects, cockroach food (Coming soon!) fruits and vegetables and nectar/pollen. In captivity they are fine eating carrot and cockroach food.

A makeshift cockroach food can be created using fishflakes and cat/dog food. Our specially formulated cockroach food should be available (along with many other specialised foods) later this month. Our cricket food also works very well for this species.

All they need is a smallish enclosure with fairly dry coco peat substrate and a bark hide.

This species is one of thousands that cannot and do not infest houses.

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