Nebular Trapdoor spider (Stanwellia nebulosa)

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This species of Pycnothelid trapdoor spider is found in the Adelaide hills region in SA. They inhabit moist areas where they build ~30cm burrows with a distinctive entrance often with leaves arrange around and then coated with thick white silk. While mainly found in the Adelaide hills they can be found further north and south than Adelaide. They are medium-sized trapdoor spiders growing to 30-35mm in body length. Stanwellia is a southern genus being found in SA, Vic, NSW, ACT and Tasmania with a few records from southern WA which is unusual. They are also quite docile for trapdoor spiders, often requiring significant provocation to become defensive.

We believe the species epithet “nebulosa” refers to the purple mottled abdomen of juveniles.

They struggle to rebuild a burrow once it has been disturbed or destroyed and thus it is necessary to provide a tube like “Beginner-Burrow” when rehoming them.

Read our Stanwellia Nebulosa Care Guide to make sure your spider thrives.

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