Pantropical Tuxedo Jumper (Menemerus bivittatus)

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Friendly little jumpers – great for beginners!

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These jumping spiders are commonly found around buildings or tree trunks and are found worldwide in tropical climates. Females are white with a golden face (juvenile female pictured) and males have 2 thick black stripes along the side of the abdomen and cephalothorax. As the female matures her colouring becomes darker.

These jumpers are very friendly and grow up to 12mm In length.

Great for beginners!

We suggest getting The mini bug box with the “jumper” kit selected. However, The Mini Clearview enclosure is also suitable.

Sold as unsexed adults

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18 reviews for Pantropical Tuxedo Jumper (Menemerus bivittatus)

  1. Adam Eveleigh (verified owner)

    Amazing people. Great service

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It died a few days after getting it and I don’t know why it did die. But very quick delivery and was packed very well I will be getting a new jumper spider soon.

  3. Sevava R. (verified owner)

  4. Lisa Pritchard (verified owner)

    Arrived the next day, well packaged. A cute little jumper who is very inquisitive.

  5. talia102009 (verified owner)

    Very good sized spider and great pricing! Great customer service 🙂 Mine started to make a web a few hours after I put it in its home! Very interesting to watch

  6. Talia Holmes (verified owner)

    Good size, and very active. Great jumper, very very happy, great customer service too : )

  7. Sarah Paiva (verified owner)

    Such a happy, bouncy little guy. Arrived alert and ready to meet his new loving family. Check out his ‘Coco’ movie themed house.

    Image #1 from Sarah Paiva
    Image #2 from Sarah Paiva
    Image #3 from Sarah Paiva
  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very cute! It arrive safe and well and was quite active!

  9. Cassandra Mackenzie (verified owner)

    Gorgeous little spider. Very happy active and alert. Very well packaged and speedy delivery.

  10. Cassandra Mackenzie (verified owner)

    Gorgeous little spider, very well packaged and arrived happy and active.

    Image #1 from Cassandra Mackenzie
  11. Beau Cameron (verified owner)

    Arrived super fast and really well packaged!

  12. Brett Eakins (verified owner)

    Image #1 from Brett Eakins
  13. kristie g. (verified owner)

    She is so adorable!! So fast though! Almost lost her when she ran and jumped away. She is so pretty though!

  14. Bianca (verified owner)

    My sweet little Bivi arrived super fast, healthy and happy. Set up her home and within minutes she was hunting some pin head crickets. Had made her hammock within a couple of days. She is awesome! I suspect this could become adictive!!

    Image #1 from Bianca
    Image #2 from Bianca
    Image #3 from Bianca
  15. Rachael L. (verified owner)

    Absolutely A++ customer service don’t hesitate to buy from these guys. If you have any issues they fix it asap and go above and beyond. Wouldn’t go anywhere else now 🙌🙌

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

  17. Jessica (verified owner)

  18. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Very happy with this purchase, he’s so cute and small i love watching him run around his enclosure. Only thing is that I didn’t know that this species burrows under the substrate, thought i lost him 5 hours after he arrived haha.

    Image #1 from Verified Buyer

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