Prince Jumping spider (Opisthoncus nigrofemoratus) Male

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A jumping spider that is medium sized with awesome eyelashes!

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  • Opisthoncus is a genus of jumping spiders found across Australia, and commonly found on plants.
  • This species is found in and around Adelaide and grows to 10mm in body length.
  • These males are very friendly and calm – makes a great beginner pet!

We recommend the Little Bug Box or The Bug Box

Care: Feed it an x-small cricket three times a week. Mist the enclosure twice a week.

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1 review for Prince Jumping spider (Opisthoncus nigrofemoratus) Male

  1. Saul Aldridge (verified owner)

    A slightly scarier species than some with BIG fangs and a bright yellow/orange underbelly but such a happy and calm boy, females are very calm also : )
    Both male and female seem to like super thick a sometimes multiple nests high in the enclosure but they do it in record time, amazing nest makers!
    Great starter species!

    Image #1 from Saul Aldridge

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