Prince or Princess (Opisthoncus negrofemoratus) Captive Bred Juvenile

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Opisthoncus is a genus of jumping spiders found across Australia, and commonly found on plants.

This species is found in and around Adelaide and grows to 9mm in body length.


Most Opisthoncus have a distinctive head pattern, but this one has awesome eyebrows and lashes!
This species abdomen is more yellowish and less patterned than species 1.


Most Opisthoncus have a distinctive head pattern with varied patterns on the back.
Male opisthoncus are more colourful than females and have long chelicerae (fangs).


We have some Prince/Princess Juvies in stock – but we cannot guarantee their sex, so all juveniles will be sold unsexed – you may get a prince, or a princess!

Enclosure: We recommend The Mini Bug Box with Side Door or The Cube with”Jumper kit” selected.

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1 review for Prince or Princess (Opisthoncus negrofemoratus) Captive Bred Juvenile

  1. Brayden (verified owner)

    Our Opisthoncus arrived healthy and happy – and so very adorable!

    A very active little spood – we love watching it explore the enclosure.

    Looking forward to seeing what Bug Frenzy has in store for next year!

    Image #1 from Brayden

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