Desert Scorpion (Urodacus yaschenkoi)

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Urodacus yaschenkoi is a large, stout species found on sand dunes in Australia’s deserts.

The fingers of the claws are long and slender, while the tail and body are short. This species also has long legs and often “stilts”, where they rest while holding themselves white high in the air, possibly for thermoregulation. The scorpion is typically a pale yellow colour. In the wild this species constructs very long spiralling burrows in red sand dunes, reaching up to a metre into the ground to reach the water table.

In captivity this species can be kept in slightly moist sandy substrate in a small fully sealed enclosure, replicating the conditions that they experience at the bottom of their burrow in the wild.

This species is incredibly feisty and defensive and will not hesitate to repeatedly attack anything that disturbs them.

Due to their temperament and fast movement speed, this species is not suitable for beginners.


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  1. Chris Hall (verified owner)

    Very pretty and extremely cranky

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