Red-Legged Predatory Beetle (Carabidae sp)



This medium-sized predatory ground beetle can be found in leaf litter or under debris in SA’s Barossa valley, where they hunt small crickets, cockroaches, worms and occasionally spiders or beetles.

This species is about 8mm in length.

Ground beetles are very entertaining to watch, some species like the spectacular green Chlaenius darlingensis are very uncoordinated and may take several minutes to catch a crickets, constantly chasing it and lunge-missing. It’s very funny in person, making them excellent desk pets.

Most beetles have split elytra (hardened wing covers) but almost all Carabidae have fused elytra, rendering them flightless and with added protection.

Optional kit includes:

Jumperarium 2.0 enclosure

Coco-peat substrate

Sphagnum moss

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