Red-legged Wishbone spider (Stanwellia sp. Cranbourne)

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These beautiful Atypical Wishbone Spiders (Pycnothelidae) are found in the suburb of Cranbourne, in Melbourne VIC. Stanwellia are a fairly widespread genus, found from the south coast of NSW, to VIC (the centre of the diversity, there are an estimated 40-50 species in Victoria) though to SE SA and SW WA, SA contains 2 known species including Stanwellia nebulosa and all of WAs ~5 species are undescribed.

These spiders are good for beginners, they are often fairly timid for a Wishbone spider as opposed to the very angry and large true Wishbone Spiders (Anamidae). They are very easy to keep, we find Stanwellia prefer a more coarse substrate mix, we use coco-peat, coarse sand and clay at roughly equal ratios and the substrate is kept moist.  Adult female body length 30mm. This species is quite rare in the hobby.


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