Rose-Gold Wolf Spider (Hoggicosa alfi)

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Awesomely-coloured, easy to care for and humongous wolf spiders from the middle of nowhere!

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These are large wolf spider found throughout Central Australian deserts primarily on sand dunes however they can be found on heavy clay loam.

They construct straight-down, lidless burrows about 15-20cm depth.
Adult males are leggy and primarily brown.  Adult females are similar to juveniles however slightly darker. Juveniles are a pinkish-tan colour. The cephalothorax and legs in particular seem very shiny, coppery with a rose-gold sheen. The abdomen has faint hollow spots that become more apparent with increasing age. The abdomen is a similar colour to the legs and cephalothorax and also has a series of chevrons and a small lighter band on the opisthosoma.

Hoggicosa contains ten species from arid australia and all are large and long-legged. There seems to be 2 main adult body forms for Hoggicosa, large and robust such as Hoggicosa bicolor and Hoggicosa storri or longer legged and gracile such as Hoggicosa brennani. Hoggicosa alfi seems to be somewhat inbetween with the legs being long yet robust.

Adult female body length 27-30mm.

*sold as either small unsexed juvie or slightly older female individuals*

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