Royal Blue/Purple Centipede (Scolopendra laeta gibber form)

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Blue or purple forms!

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This stunning colour form of Scolopendra laeta hails from gibber plains in central Australia. Gibber plain is a type of flat, rocky desert primarily consisting of heavy red clay with many maroon coloured rocks on the surface. Gibber is a highly specialised habitat with many unique species inhabiting gibber and only gibber. Gibber generally has very little vegetation, only low tussock grass and chenopods.

Centipedes are very easy to care for regardless of habitat or rainfall region. A smallish container with moderately moist coco-peat works for all centipede species and forms. They should be fed food items about 1/5th the total length.

Scolopendra laeta are found throughout Australia except for rainforests but almost always posses highly contrasting longitudinal dal stripes however only babies of this from possess any form of striping while adults and juveniles lack any stripes and are either royal purple or electric blue with an orange cephalic plate, antennae and legs. Blue forms are less common than purple and consist of beautiful deep blue and cyan undertones. Purple forms are lavender overall with richer purple tergite edges.

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Small juvenile, Medium-large

3 reviews for Royal Blue/Purple Centipede (Scolopendra laeta gibber form)

  1. Leeham R. (verified owner)

    100% happy be definitely getting more

  2. maddison.hardie (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 of these bubs, both the sizes. The larger one I got, a blue, is the most vibrant centipede I’ve ever seen. Even over Nuda legs. The awesome photos do NOT do these beautiful critters justice.

  3. Oscar (verified owner)

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