Salt Lake Scorpion (Australobuthus xerolimniorum)

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These spectacular scorpions are found exclusively on the surface of South Australia’s salt lakes. These medium-sized scorpions are entirely white in colour and are a moderate size of about 40mm in length. This species has long legs which they use to rapidly run around the salt lake each night searching for resting flies and small wolf spiders. They are active when the lakes are bone dry and also when the lake is full, and the surrounding shoreline is soaked with water.

While not lethal, the venom of this species has been reported to induce pain and vomiting, so care must be taken when dealing with these scorpions, as they can get a bit defensive at times.

The website linked here has a good care guide written for them, however we do not condone enclosures not having lids – scorpions can even climb up a bit of dirt stuck to the sides of the enclosure and escape. This species may also tolerate slightly wetter conditions than “bone dry”, we have observed this species even wading through shallow water and spending weeks hunting on the permanently damp salt that occurs when the lake is full of water.


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