Slender Spider-hunting scorpion (Isometroides angusticaudus group 1)

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Rare and reactive scorpions from the desert

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Isometroides angusticaudus is a species of Buthid scorpion found on the western side of Australia in arid regions where they shelter in overtaken spider burrows or in leaf litter, emerging at night to hunt spider and ocassionaly things like moths and cockroaches. In captivity they do perfectly fine with more common fare such as woodies and crickets.

They are overall fairly similar to the Isometroides viscous species group but differ scientifically in having a keeled 4th metasomatise (tail) segment as opposed to I. vescus which has a smooth, un-keeled 4th segment. Practically, Isometroides angusticaudus are slightly smaller, more lightly built, and have a more grey/ dusky colour as opposed to the yellowish colour of most individuals in the I. vescus group. They are often found synpatrically (in the same habitat together)

At night, Isometroides experience a very contrasting behaviour change. In daylight, they are reclusive and when disturbed will often play dead or lazily claw at whatever is disturbing them. At night, however, they are some of the fastest and most aggressive scorpions we have encountered and will take whatever size prey given to them with ease. For maximum enjoyment, we recommend feeding the scorpions at night, illuminated with a red light (they cannot see that wavelength).

Isometroides have slightly more potent venom than other Australian scorps and are quite reactive, take caution.


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2 reviews for Slender Spider-hunting scorpion (Isometroides angusticaudus group 1)

  1. Adam Eveleigh (verified owner)

  2. Chievmark P. (verified owner)

    Love my spider hunting scorpion, love seeing it hunt at feeding, just a perfect little pet 🦂

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