Ochre Scorpion (Lychas jonesae) SA mallee locale

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Lychas jonesae (Buthidae) makes excellent low maintenance pets.  These small-medium sized scorpions from semi-arid – arid South Australia and WA like to hide under bark, logs and leaf litter and roam at night looking for prey. The males are thinner, darker and have longer tails and pectines, and are a great choice for EXPERIENCED keepers.  They can be housed in small groups but must have plenty of space and hides to get away from each other if a fight breaks out. They are not a burrowing species and are from drier areas, so an enclosure with red desert sand (80%and coco-peat (20%) will work. We recommend keeping it with a tiny bit of moisture in the soil and completely sealed.

Suitable for Experienced keepers.

Mildly venomous

Rare in the hobby, one of the first times offering this rare species!

Sold as unsexed adults.


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1 review for Ochre Scorpion (Lychas jonesae) SA mallee locale

  1. Crystal M. (verified owner)

    The scorpion arrived safe and well

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