Coastal marbled scorpion (Lychas sp.)


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A small, pale, mottled scorpion found in Western Australia that is communally tolerant.

Locality/form: Restricted to the Swan coastal plain, WA in sandy heath.

Size: A small scorpion, reaching 30mm from mouth to sting

Description: Claws and ‘arms’ pale yellow, fingers partially black, manus predominately yellow, patella and femur of pedipalps yellow, with mottled brown. Cephalic region light brown with darker mottling, main body tergites each bear a row of yellow spots broken by a darker median stripe over a mottled light and dark brown base. Metasoma yellow-tan, darkening distally until terminating in a fully black vesicle. Legs mottled. Males are smaller and more slender than females.

Care: Moderate -low ventilation, but at least some is recommended. Shallow substrate and numerous bark hides available for shelter, keep slightly moist/humid.

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