Orange rock scorpion (Lychas truncatus)

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These small scorpions are found in gibber plains in the Stony Desert region, SA. Gibber consists of fine-grained, loose red dirt with a lot of flat, desert-varnished rocks and little to no changes in elevation or vegetation. This desolate habitat contains many of Australia’s coolest-coloured invertebrates. Purple centipedes, bright orange scorpions and zebra-striped cockroaches are just a few examples.

This species reaches 40mm in length and has a relatively timid temperament although they can be fast. We recommend a sealed container with very slightly moist red desert sand. a bark hide and some sphagnum moss for foraging will be appreciated by the scorpions too.

2 reviews for Orange rock scorpion (Lychas truncatus)

  1. ashleeabos (verified owner)

    This little critter arrived in tip top condition and has settled into his new home. First scorpion but I think we’ll be hooked and be back for more

  2. Logan Trass (verified owner)

    Safely arrived thank you!

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