Sandstone jumping spider (Undescribed species)

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These peculiar and new-to-science spiders are found on sandstone escarpments in the Northern Territory. The spiders are rapid moving and spend the day running around the gigantic sandstone rocks and exploring the crevices for prey such as resting flies. The males display a courtship dance for the female, waving their legs around to impress her. Females have a black body with a thick white band around the edges of the abdomen and some white streaks on the carapace. the legs are translucent with bands. Medium-large species, growing to 10mm in length.

2 reviews for Sandstone jumping spider (Undescribed species)

  1. kristie g. (verified owner)

    He is fun to watch!

  2. kellie n. (verified owner)

    Yet again a quality packaged spider who is healthy and active.

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