Spider-hunting scorpion (Isometroides vescus) ‘yellow’ Northern mallee/mulga form

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Rare and reactive scorpions from the desert

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Isometroides vescus is a species of Buthid scorpion found on the western side of Australia in arid regions where they shelter in overtaken spider burrows or in leaf litter, emerging at night to hunt spider and ocassionaly things like moths and cockroaches. In captivity they do perfectly fine with more common fare such as woodies and crickets. This is a fairly large, light form found north of Adelaide in mulga and mallee habitat.

We now have our adult breeding stock and can sell the juvenile’s not needed for breeding.

Isometroides have slightly more potent venom than other Australian scorps and are quite reactive, take caution.

*sold as unsexed juveniles, breeding underway*

4 reviews for Spider-hunting scorpion (Isometroides vescus) ‘yellow’ Northern mallee/mulga form

  1. Michael Lun (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning scorpion Beautifull orange coloration is a true masterpiece in my collection and the customer service was great too with really fast shipping would definitely recommend buying from bug frenzy and will be sure to get more scorpions soon.

  2. Alyssa (verified owner)

    absolutely gorgeous scoprion, super happy to have added them to my collection

  3. Ian W. (verified owner)

    Love the spider-hunting scorpion. Arrived in great shape. Fast delivery. Packed with great care.

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  4. Rebekah Duffin (verified owner)

    Scorpion was packaged with care and arrived after only two days in transit thanks!

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