Strawberries and Cream Prowling spider (Odo sp. 4)

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These beautiful prowling spiders are found in SA’s far northern mallee, where they hunt at night and bury themselves in the sand during the day. They create burrows about 20cm deep in the sand and then seal it off, making it invisible on the surface and only leaving a small pocket of air. They dig themselves out at night to hunt for smaller insects and spiders.

They should be kept on red desert sand with some broken, dry leaves scattered around and one corner of the enclosure should be kept moist. The sand should be at least 4cm deep.

Grows to 20mm, sold as adult females.

Prowling spiders are closely related to wolf spiders however differ in the eye arrangement, most prowlers have 2 rows of 4 even eyes, while wolf spider have 4 large eyes (2 in the front and one on each side) aswell as a row of 4 small eyes below the front pair.

We recommend the “desert boy” kit-out on either the mini bug box (horizontal) or “The Cube”.

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